The Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Nautical Globe Bar Replica

Image of Old World Globe Bar Cabinet
Old World Globe Bar Cabinet – 17″ Diameter Nautical Globe

If you’re thinking of buying a nautical bar globe, there are some things that you should be aware of. I’ll talk about these aspect later.

Even though there is no such official classification, I like to group antique reproduction globe bars and world globes into 4 category types: terrestrial (also called earth globes or geographical globes), celestial (also astronomical globes or armillary spheres), nautical (also maritime globes) and decorative.

Terrestrial globe bars display a map Earth or other planetary body and relate to the planet’s topography. Celestial ones show the heavens and the positions of the stars in the sky (they do not include the sun, moon or planets because the positions of these bodies vary relative to those of the stars). Nautical bar globes depict the seas and oceans. And the purpose of decorative globe drinks cabinets is self-explanatory – to look pretty.


This post covers antique reproduction nautical bar cabinets and not those with a current nautical chart. One of the differences between a vintage replica nautical globe liquor cabinet and a terrestrial bar globe (a difference that many would consider to be a favorable one) is that the map on a nautical one can be more pleasing to look at, particularly for children, because it often portrays sea monsters, zodiac signs and other drawings that are not found on earth globes. (Yes, children can have bar globes too, there’s nothing stopping you from filling a globe bar cabinet with soda, water or other non-alcoholic drinks!)

A nautical drinks cabinet is also a wonderful gift for boaters, sailors, and anyone who is a lover of the water. It can also be a godsend when trying to find a gift for a maritime memorabilia collector who has his or her share of the usual nautical gifts: anchors, steering wheels and model ships.


Image of nautical bar globe with stickers coming offOne thing not many people know is that nautical globe bars are almost always made in China, as opposed to their Italian counterparts. Zoffoli is actually the only Italian manufacturer still in business that makes bar globes, and all of theirs, even the modern ones, have terrestrial maps.

Italian globe bar furniture is made by hand and the maps are carefully reproduced by qualified cartographers. This is not the case with nautical bar globes. The quality of the mass-produced Chinese globe bars is often sub-par. Since bar globes can open to reveal a storage area for liquor and stemware inside, the map on the sphere has a seam running along the middle, of course. In my experience the biggest complaint by customers who purchase nautical globe bars is that when the globe sphere is closed the northern and southern hemispheres often do not line up.

So if you are considering the purchase of a world globe bar cabinet, know that “nautical bar globe” is another way of saying “bar globe made in China.”

4 Reasons Why a Globe Trolley or Bar Cart Is a Great Mother’s Day Gift Idea

by Rita Dapkus-Sproston for

Most people usually think of a bar globe as a gift that a man would like, as opposed to a woman. But a globe bar serving trolley is a whole different story. Any woman would appreciate having a piece of home decor that is both beautiful and functional. Here are just a few reasons a globe serving cart from is a great Mother’s Day gift idea.


The Obvious Reason

Image of bar globe trolley.
Bar trolley with 20-inch diameter 16th century world globe replica made in Italy.



It’s convenient. Any mom would appreciate a functional piece of furniture where she can store bottles, glassware, stemware and accessories, then easily roll it into the room to serve guests without having to go back and forth to the kitchen or bar. A standard serving cart usually just has a few shelves on wheels, but a globe bar trolley also has a mini bar hidden inside the globe with sections for glassware, as well as a tray and shelf or shelves for extra storage. 


It’s a Gorgeous Piece of Vintage Decor


Many globe drinks cabinets have current geographical world globes and come in contemporary designer styles, but globe serving carts are usually 16th or 17th century replicas. The world globes themselves portray accurate 16th century map reproductions, and the trays and shelves are often intricately detailed. For the highest quality workmanship you should be looking at an Italian-made globe bar cart or serving trolley. But Italian or not, a vintage replica serving cart is an absolutely lovely piece of home decor that anyone would be proud to display in any room.


Giving mom a replica antique globe bar cart doesn’t mean simply giving her a drinks trolley she can use around the house, it’s like giving her a piece of vintage furniture art.


It Will Never Go Out of Style


Many interior decorating fads come and go, but some classic vintage decor survives throughout the ages, and globe bar furniture is among them. Instead of concentrating on cutting edge interpretations, the majority of bar globe furniture manufacturers focus on producing accurate reproductions of antique pieces.


Globe drinks cabinets have been around for five centuries, so it’s a pretty sure bet that a globe bar trolley won’t disappear into the “I can’t believe I owned that” category like bean bag chairs and heart-shaped waterbeds. This is a piece of antique replica furniture that can be handed down from generation to generation and from household to household.


Mom Will Feel Special


Let’s face it – it’s easier to buy a man a gift that’s something he really wants or is something fun or unique. Mom will probably smile politely as she opens her gift with a bottle of perfume or earrings, or accepts her chocolates, flowers and other standard gifts on Mother’s Day. Meanwhile on Father’s Day, dad will get to tinker with the gadget he’s been wanting or play the latest console game while mom does the dishes and secretly wishes she could play.


Well mom deserves a unique gift too. Something she’d be proud to own and something she’d love to show off. A globe bar trolley can be just the thing.


But if you need more ideas, buy her a gift certificate from and let her choose her own!.


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