4 Reasons Why a Globe Trolley or Bar Cart Is a Great Mother’s Day Gift Idea

by Rita Dapkus-Sproston for BarGlobeWorld.com

Most people usually think of a bar globe as a gift that a man would like, as opposed to a woman. But a globe bar serving trolley is a whole different story. Any woman would appreciate having a piece of home decor that is both beautiful and functional. Here are just a few reasons a globe serving cart from BarGlobeWorld.com is a great Mother’s Day gift idea.


The Obvious Reason

Image of bar globe trolley.
Bar trolley with 20-inch diameter 16th century world globe replica made in Italy.



It’s convenient. Any mom would appreciate a functional piece of furniture where she can store bottles, glassware, stemware and accessories, then easily roll it into the room to serve guests without having to go back and forth to the kitchen or bar. A standard serving cart usually just has a few shelves on wheels, but a globe bar trolley also has a mini bar hidden inside the globe with sections for glassware, as well as a tray and shelf or shelves for extra storage. 


It’s a Gorgeous Piece of Vintage Decor


Many globe drinks cabinets have current geographical world globes and come in contemporary designer styles, but globe serving carts are usually 16th or 17th century replicas. The world globes themselves portray accurate 16th century map reproductions, and the trays and shelves are often intricately detailed. For the highest quality workmanship you should be looking at an Italian-made globe bar cart or serving trolley. But Italian or not, a vintage replica serving cart is an absolutely lovely piece of home decor that anyone would be proud to display in any room.


Giving mom a replica antique globe bar cart doesn’t mean simply giving her a drinks trolley she can use around the house, it’s like giving her a piece of vintage furniture art.


It Will Never Go Out of Style


Many interior decorating fads come and go, but some classic vintage decor survives throughout the ages, and globe bar furniture is among them. Instead of concentrating on cutting edge interpretations, the majority of bar globe furniture manufacturers focus on producing accurate reproductions of antique pieces.


Globe drinks cabinets have been around for five centuries, so it’s a pretty sure bet that a globe bar trolley won’t disappear into the “I can’t believe I owned that” category like bean bag chairs and heart-shaped waterbeds. This is a piece of antique replica furniture that can be handed down from generation to generation and from household to household.


Mom Will Feel Special


Let’s face it – it’s easier to buy a man a gift that’s something he really wants or is something fun or unique. Mom will probably smile politely as she opens her gift with a bottle of perfume or earrings, or accepts her chocolates, flowers and other standard gifts on Mother’s Day. Meanwhile on Father’s Day, dad will get to tinker with the gadget he’s been wanting or play the latest console game while mom does the dishes and secretly wishes she could play.


Well mom deserves a unique gift too. Something she’d be proud to own and something she’d love to show off. A globe bar trolley can be just the thing.


But if you need more ideas, buy her a gift certificate from BarGlobeWorld.com and let her choose her own!.


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How to Clean and Maintain Your Antique Wooden Globe or Replica

by BarGlobeWorld.com


Photo of a bar globe in a home office
The Italian Supremo bar globe from Zoffoli’s GEA collection look like a vintage replica, but the world globe features a current world map.

Would you park your 1923 Duesenberg on the street instead of in your garage, or take your brand new Aston Martin to an automated car wash? I hope not. Select treasures, both old and new, demand attention – no matter what they are.

Cleaning and maintaining the condition of a wooden globe, whether it is an authentic antique or a vintage replica, requires diligence and know-how. You may think you don’t need to be as careful with a reproduction as with a 16th or 17th century original, but this is not necessarily so. High quality replica wooden globes and bar globes are usually made by skilled craftsmen who have been using many of the same methods and materials for thousands of years, so proper maintenance is

How to Clean Your Antique Wooden Globe

Inspect your globe before cleaning it and proceed only if there is no damage or weak spots.

To remove dust, wipe the surface gently using a soft, dry cloth. Don’t use spray or furniture polish. If you notice areas that are beginning to peel, have it repaired. The cloth can catch one of these areas and make matters worse.

If your antique needs more than a bit of dusting, here’s our 2-step, easy-to-follow instructions on how you should clean it: 1) Don’t 2) Find an experienced, reputable conservator to clean and/or restore it.

The web has many suggestions about how to clean antiques written by people claiming to be specialists. Unfortunately many people ruin their cherished treasures by following their advice. Improper cleaning can destroy the map on an antique globe, so make sure any “specialists” you consult really do know what they’re doing.

Professional conservators can do quite a bit. They can retouch and stabilize it and repair the shell. If the map has missing or damaged pieces, these can often be replaced with printed reproductions that are tinted to match the rest.  Sometimes conservators can even reduce or even reverse discoloration and yellowing.

How to Clean Your Vintage Globe Replica

High quality vintage-style replica globes need to be cleaned just as carefully as authentic antiques, because more than likely the map of your wooden globe will have been made in a similar manner. This consists of using printed pieces of paper called paper gores, adhering them to the shell, and then varnishing them.

Inspect your globe before cleaning. To dust, gently wipe the surface with a soft, dry cloth. If you see peeling or weak spots, have it repaired first – cloth can get caught on one of these areas and increase the damage.

If dusting is insufficient, clean the surface of the globe with a dry, soft cloth. Work in small sections, wiping away (don’t scrub) loose dirt. For excessive stains, try moistening a soft cloth with plain water but be very careful. Read the section below, because sometimes some dirt or stains are preferable to a damaged globe.

Wring the cloth out extremely well or spray water onto the cloth (never onto the globe). The strength of varnish has come a long way over the centuries, but that doesn’t mean your globe is completely sealed and waterproof. Excess moisture left on the surface may be soaked up by the map, so don’t allow any water to sit on the surface. Dry the area immediately with a soft, clean cloth.

If this still isn’t enough, you can risk mixing the water with a bit of mild soap or detergent and repeating the steps above. Cleaning without causing damage depends on how careful you are, what potentially harmful materials are in the detergent, and how well your globe reproduction or bar globe replica has been manufactured. Never use harsh or abrasive materials or solutions containing alcohol or solvents.