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by Rita Dapkus-Sproston for


Your boss’s 50th is coming around next month and everyone at the office is scratching their heads trying to figure out what to get. The head honcho of your company seems to have everything, and another set of engraved glasses with a bottle of aged whiskey just isn’t going to cut it this time.

Image of Executive Suite Floor Globe Bar
Executive Suite Floor Globe Bar


Half of the staff knows what bar globes are, half doesn’t. For the record it’s a world globe, usually a 16th or 17th century vintage replica, which opens at the meridian and has a mini bar inside. There are bar globes that are made to sit on a desktop, stand on the floor or function as a serving cart on wheels.


After the introduction comes the reasoning. Why a bar globe?


Bar Globes Bring Out a Sense of Importance


Back in the sixteenth century refined, prominent men sat around globe bars in their breeches discussing issues with brandy and ale in hand, and they’re still doing it to this day (well, maybe not in breeches, but the brandy and ale still apply). Nowadays the biggest difference is that refined and prominent women are doing it too.  I don’t know what it is about a bar globe, a glass and a cigar or pipe, but the combination of the former with at least one of the latter often turns a small social gathering into a roomful of wannabe puppet masters pulling the strings of global affairs.


Bar Globes Will Never Go Out of Style


As far as I know, the globe drinks cabinet has been around for over five centuries. Interestingly enough, instead of moving on to flashy, avant-garde versions of the bar globe, most manufacturers today attempt to make the most accurate, best possible reproduction of an authentic piece. Following that kind of test of time, it’s a pretty sure bet that bar globes aren’t going to disappear into the “I can’t believe I owned that” category like the bean bag chairs and heart-shaped waterbeds.


They Are Worthy of Showing Off


Most bosses love to show off, but they’ll never admit it. If that wasn’t the case then the majority wouldn’t fill their offices with trophies, diplomas and other memorabilia. There’s no glamour in showing off a set of golf clubs, a watch or the latest gadget – every boss has one or another. But a bar globe, especially a floor globe bar, is something else altogether. It attracts attention without being spoken about, and when it is spoken about it can start discussions about history, mythology, astrology, antiques, fashion, decor and a multitude of other subjects. And every boss loves it, the least of which is because few bosses have one.


Bar Globes Are Beautiful


There’s not much more I can add to that. A globe bar suits any decor and is functional as well as attractive. It’s a gift that’s timeless and appreciated by men and women alike. Have a look at our gift ideas page if you need a few more suggestions.

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Bar Globe World is owned and operated by The Orange Basement, LLC - a family business that started out in a corner of an orange-painted basement. We specialize in antique replica and modern bar globes and bar globe furniture. Most of our world globe drinks cabinets are hand made by world leading manufacturers in the production of antique-style wooden globes with a long-standing history of craftsmanship, the the Italian manufacturer Zoffoli. Some retailers sell world globes among a variety of merchandise. Some sell a variety of globes. Very few, if any, sell bar globes exclusively. We do, and we are committed to providing you with a wide selection so that you can find exactly the kinds of globe bars you are searching for, whether they are floor stand globe bars, table top bar globes, globe bar serving carts & trolleys or other. But the bottom line is ... we love bar globes. Our first office was pieced together from the clutter scattered in our basement: a pair of desks, a filing cabinet and ... a beautiful old wooden bar globe. Things have changed since then, but we still get a pleasant feeling when we remember that basement, especially the bar globe that led us here.We hope to pass that feeling on to you.

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