Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a Globe Liquor Cabinet

by Darren Pace for


For many years, a globe cabinet for liquor has been a popular way to store and serve various alcoholic beverages. In fact, some of these special cabinets are hundreds of years old and of museum quality. These cabinets actually originated back in the 17th century and men would come together around these lovely cabinets and talk of all their adventures in various places around the world. While it’s tough to find the original drink cabinets and you probably won’t want to pay the price for a museum quality globe liquor cabinet if you found one, there are many beautiful reproductions available for purchase. Here is a look at a few of the top reasons to purchase one of these beautiful cabinets for your own home.


Reason #1 – A Beautiful Addition to Your Décor


One of the main reasons to purchase a globe liquor cabinet is because they make a beautiful addition to your decor.


Image of Atlas Statue Floor Globe Bar
Atlas Statue Floor Globe Bar | Classic
Image of Atlas Statue Floor Globe Bar
Atlas Statue Floor Globe Bar | Laguna
Image of Atlas Statue Floor Globe Bar
Atlas Statue Floor Globe Bar | Safari


With beautiful wood construction and the lovely globe that they have on the top, they look elegant and beautiful within your home. You can find them in a variety of different types of wood and with different finishes as well, which makes it easy to find a globe cabinet that will fit into your style of decor.


Reason #2 – The Bar Rotates for Easy Serving


Another great reason to go with a lovely globe liquor cabinet is the wonderful way that the bar rotates for easy serving. Inside of the globe, there is a bar that rotates and you can store your stemware and your spirits inside. This makes it easy to pour and serve up drinks for yourself and any guests that you may have in your home at the time.


Reason #3 – Chill Your Beverages Too


You’ll also find that a nice globe cabinet will even chill your beverages for you as well. This means you can store your favorite spirits inside of the bar and they’ll be chilled and ready for serving when you are ready to serve. This makes the globes more than just a serving area, but a great place to store things as well.


Reason #4 – Easily Portable


Many of these globe options, even the floor-standing bar globes, are easily portable as well. Some have furniture roller bottoms on them so you can move the globes from place to place. This means that wherever you want to serve up drinks, you can easily move this bar along with you, offering great convenience to you when you are entertaining guests.


Reason #5 – They Provide a Great Conversation Starter


A nice globe liquor cabinet will also provide a great conversation starter when you have guests in your home. Since it is such a beautiful piece, your guests are sure to admire this piece of furniture when they see it. The globe often gets people talking about their own adventures that they have gone on in the world, which is sure to get an interesting conversation going.


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