About Us

Both BarGlobeWorldBlog.com and BarGlobeWorld.com are owned and operated by The Orange Basement, LLC – a family business that started out in a corner of an orange-painted basement. 

We love bar globes, especially Italian globe bar antique replicas. So we sell what we love, and here we talk about it. Most of our products are hand made by world leading manufacturers in the production of antique-style wooden globes with a long-standing history of craftsmanship.

Some retailers sell world globes among a variety of merchandise. Some sell a variety of globes. Very few, if any, sell bar globes exclusively. We do, and we are committed to providing you with a wide selection so that you can find exactly the kinds of globe bars you are searching for, whether they are floor-standing globe bars, desktop bar globes, bar cart & trolley or other. But the bottom line is … we love bar globes. 

Our first office was pieced together from the clutter scattered in our basement: a pair of desks, a filing cabinet and … a beautiful old wooden bar globe. Things have changed since then, but we still get a pleasant feeling when we remember that basement, especially the bar globe that led us here. We hope to pass that feeling on to you.